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Vision 2023 UPDATE: A New Home for Our Lady of Mercy School
The Vision Committee is pleased to announce that we are finalizing a lease extension with the Sisters of Mercy that will allow our school to remain at 149 Neck Rd through June of 2023!

While lease finalization will occur over the following weeks we wanted to share this very exciting news with you as soon as possible.  

As dedicated supporters of Catholic education, the Sisters of Mercy have come to understand that preparing for the future of Catholic education on the shoreline is an endeavor that will require years of planning and due diligence.  We now have that time.

We would also like to highlight that, while this extension provides a great relief to our families, our administration, our staff, and our committee, it does not change our ultimate goal of finding a permanent home for OLM where we can extend our mission into the decades ahead.  While we are extremely grateful for the additional years now afforded us here at 149 Neck Rd, we must continue our work in securing a more permanent location for our beloved school.  
This news serves only to reinvigorate our passion and re-energize the Vision Committee's efforts to do our very best in finding the ideal long term solution for Catholic education on the shoreline.  But for now…celebrate!  And spread the word…OLM is here, OLM is strong, and OLM is committed to building the best educational experience on the shoreline!
Further updates will be posted here as they become available. Please see this letter, the original release of information.


Vision 2023 

To reach the Vision 2023 Committee, please email vision2018@olmschool.com.

Members are listed below:
John Picard
Rachael Alford
Gregg Lallier
Paul Bauer 
Bob Dowler
Melanie Hartmann
Cliff Bechtold 
Kevin O’Brien 
Michael Greene
Michael Piagentini
Members Ex-Officio:
Father Stephen Sledesky, Priest Director
Father Dan McLaren, Priest Director
           Cheryl Panzo, Principal

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